Friday, May 10, 2013


this is the 1st post in 2013
so much to express but with little and weak vocab
so much to talk abt but with insufficient energy to type out, lol
okay, well, i hv graduated from kmp
i feel like i have been released from prison,hahax
the life after matric ia way too boring
perhaps i have acustomed to such hectic life,
so not really used to it yet
i keep finding things to do but to no avail
now only i realise i have so much chores to execute in matric
washed clothes, boiled water, did revision and did homework and assignments allocated by lecturers
quite meaningful isn't it, haha
but somehow, i never ever appreciate and felt contented when i was studying in kmp
sometimes, i did hate to be one of the students thr
now, when everything has passed,
i felt like, hmm, time flies
that's the only thing i can say
10 months, but it finished in a blink of an eye
and it's not too hard to cope with the life thr
may be it's my problem
because at 1st i don't really like to join others in kmp
because i don't know how to mingle with them who are from different cultural background
but sooner or later, i started to chat with them and taught them in class
that's the time i felt much better to stay thr
to those who are going to study in matric,
no worries, u can do it
as even me, who are so timid can finish it,
so u can surely make it a success!!
wish us all the best in our future, gogogo!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

hey hey hey
there's been really a long long time since my last post
it's like the time before studying in kmp until almost finish the sem 1
what i can say is, time flies
i still can't believe that i still have only few days to finish my 1st semester
as i still can remember vividly what has just happened in the last few months
i know everyone of you thought that i will sure can't withstand everything there and will come back here to study college, form 6 or whatever
yeah, indeed, u all are right
i really can't accept everything at 1st
i mean for a long time lahh actually
i will certainly miss my home, my parents
and i cried almost everyday when i called back home during the first few weeks
cried with lingshi and jing
even cried when i called rouyi
it's a new environment for me and i have to start learning from zero
the teachers, the ways of opeation of the college are like..............
it's so much difference for me
but slowly, day by day, i started to be used to that place
and tried to be like, feeling happy to study there although it's not so true...
yea, so, i have finished my 1st sem lahh, or it's like still a few days to go, lol
i am so lucky to have my parents and all my family members
they called me and talked with me and asked me to not to give up
my parents are the pillar of strength of mine
even though i can't go back,
they will surely go to see me and bring me some food
i feel so touched and happy but after seeing them leaving,
sometimes, tears will drop on my cheecks silently
yea, so sentiment hor,lol
and also my friends
whenever i meet any problems
i will sms them, jing, jiayee, rouyi, lichin, tzeling, caryn and many more
they will answer my questions, give my all the info i want,
a short message is already enough for me, u all had really helped me lots and gave me moral support
i love you girls, i miss you all so so much
i love my family
so yea, i m in butterworth now and need to go back again on this fri to sit for MUET on this sat
after that, i will finish my 1st sem, finally....
and having 2 weeks of sem break
woohoo~ wait for me huh, hwaiting! <3